Mission Statement

The purpose of the Presbytery of Monmouth is equipping ministers and congregations to strengthen God’s people for ministry in obedience to Jesus Christ.

Affirming the tenets of the reformed faith, and governed by the polity of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) the Presbytery of Monmouth holds these core values:

  • We follow Jesus Christ as disciples.
  • We seek unity amidst our diversity.
  • We facilitate the proclamation of the Gospel through our mission.
  • We understand a disciple to be one who gives generously, who serves faithfully, who reaches out to include others in the faith, and who regularly seeks spiritual growth through study, participation in small groups, private and corporate worship.

In order to advance the Mission of the Presbytery of Monmouth we will pursue together the accomplishment of the following major goals:

  • Fifty per cent of our churches will increase their number of disciples by 10% per year.
  • We will start new congregations to reach people not reached through the ministries of our existing local congregations.
  • We will help each other to continue growing disciples in our current congregations.

Bylaws Of The Presbytery Of Monmouth