Part-time Supply Pastor, FPC Bridgeton


Part-Time Supply Pastor

First Presbyterian Church of Bridgeton:    MIF 

First Presbyterian Church – Bridgeton (FPC) is looking for a Part-Time Supply Pastor (24 hours) who will lead our congregation while the Pastor Nominating Committee is searching for the installed pastor God is preparing for us. The initial contract would be for a period from the initial hire date to December 31, 2020.

First Presbyterian Church – Bridgeton has called a Pastor Nominating Committee to seek our Installed pastor. We are a visioning church and have developed a new vision statement of “learning, caring, and sharing as partners in faith”. Empowered by and responding to God’s love and grace and led by the Holy Spirit, the FPC family branches out to support each other in our spiritual journey and to share God’s love and our resources in order to meet identified needs in the community and the world. We continue to LEARN about God, what the Lord can do in our lives, and what the Lord wants us to do. We CARE about our church family and about our “neighbors,” God’s people. We SHARE our time, talents and treasures with each other, the broader community, and we seek to partner with other churches and organizations.


  • Plan and lead worship and preach at regular Sunday services including additional services as needed.
  • Administer the sacraments.
  • Officiate at funerals and weddings of church members as requested.


  • Serve as head of staff to two part-time employees; an administrative assistant and a director of music.
  • Supervise and coordinate with the administrative assistant on basic office operations and tasks.
  • Coordinate with the Music Director as it relates to music for the worship service.
  • Serve as Moderator of Session and Congregational meetings
  • Provide support and consultation to:

Session (1st Thursday evening of the month)

Deacons (2nd Monday evening of the month)

Trustees (3rd Monday evening of the month)

  • Attend scheduled Presbytery meetings


  • Relate to the session and committees as the moderator of session; relate to the staff as head of staff; relate to the congregation as pastor; relate to the presbytery as a member.


  • Accountable to the presbytery and to the session through the Personnel Committee.

Responsibilities of the Congregation and Session

  • Pray for the pastor.
  • Support the pastor in his/her ministry.
  • Provide regular financial compensation according to terms in the contract.
  • Actively participate in the life of the Church, including regular worship services and other church related activities.
  • Work with the pastor by participation in the leadership of the church and be willing to implement new ideas and programs


  • Minimum effective annual salary $27,456
  • Professional expenses including mileage (vouchered) $1,500
  • Paid Continuing Education (2 weeks paid study leave) $750
  • Full Pension and medical dues
  • One week off every 3 months
  • Paid sick-time (1 hour/30 hours worked, 40 hours max per year) per NJ Law
  • A manse is available

This agreement may be terminated by either party (session or pastor) upon 30 days written notice. This agreement may be extended in 1- to 12-month periods upon written notice to, and the approval of, the Commission on Ministry.

Contact Information:

John Ambrose
Personnel Chair
[email protected]



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