• Rev. Al Janssen                              Death
  • Diana Tennant                              Death
  • Soren Thomsen                            in hospital (Recovered!)
  • Cherie Merritt                              Respiratory Therapist
  • H. Asare-Boateng                        Nurse
  • M. Bonatakis                                Nurse
  • E. Henrich                                     Nurse
  • Sam Malek                                    Exec. Chef Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth
  • Chris M. and Fiancee – had the virus, now recovered!
  • Herb Marinari, Mayor of New Egypt, who is doing so much to lead in this time
  • Harry T. and all cancer patients who aren’t getting chemo infusions at Sloan Kettering
  • Mark E. and Thelma T., members of the Plumsted Church, receiving chemo infusions
  • Those populations already struggling disproportionately with poverty, incarceration and health disparities as they are among the hardest hit by Covid-19.
  • Elder (Clerk-of-Session) Sue Ralph – Fulfill (Monmouth/Ocean Food Bank +) – co-workers have tested positive & quarantined
  • Elder Roy Hoppock – Captain, Woodbridge Police Dept
  • Elder Judi Thompson – nurse, Robert Wood Johnson
  • Elder Barbara Blue – NJ Family Care
  • Mark Atwater – police officer
  • Yari Atwater – nurse on a COVID unit
  • Heather Russell – nurse
  • Prayers of comfort and support for Rev. Tim Clarkson (Union Hill Presbyterian Church) and family on the loss of Tim’s mother to COVID-19 on April 9, 2020.
  • Gregg Mast – President Emeritus of New Brunswick seminary. He is hospitalized and in ICU. He passed away 4/27/20
  • Camille H. – has the virus; at home
  • Bev Bodor’s (Trinity PC) mom, Doris V. Marsh, 92, tested positive for COVID-19. She passed away 4/20.
  • Dan Holt, tested postive. Also suffers from COPD. Prayers for him, and for his family.
  • Donald Geoghan, Ilene Black’s (New Brunswick administrator) dad. He has not tested positive, but he is in a long-term care facility that others who have. Currently He has been moved to a new wing away from the contagion.
  • For the family of Carole Ann Campi upon her death from Covid-19
  • Elder Edward Quesada died Saturday, May 2 @ CentraState (Freehold) after testing positive for COVID-19
  • John Whalen, clinical director, Respiratory Services, CentraState



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