Just Eating Curriculum


Just Eating? While this phrase could mean only eating, the word, just, also means ‘being honorable and fair in one’s dealings.’  This play on words captures a paradox that this curriculum addresses.  Eating can be a mundane activity done with little thought or reflection; or it can be an opportunity to thoughtfully live out our faith and practice justice.” [Excerpted from Just Eating Leader’s Guide]

For more information, contact Hunger Action Advocate Rev. Phyllis Zoon at (201) 910-7047. Curriculum can be downloaded at no charge, but it’s probably better to order from the PC(USA) Store – price is reasonable!

Just Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table is a seven-session curriculum for congregations that call us to integrate the commitments and practices of our faith into the way we eat.  The study uses scripture, prayer and stories from the local and global community to explore five key aspects of our relationship with food.

  • Food sharing as sacramental
  • The health of our bodies
  • The access others have to food
  • The health of the earth, which our food choices influence
  • The ways we use food to extend hospitality and enrich relationships

The objectives of this curriculum are to:

  • Bring into dialog our day-to-day eating habits, the Christian faith, and the needs of the broader world.
  • Explore faith practices which encourage healthful eating.
  • Support each other in taking personal and group action that reaches beyond this seven-week curriculum.

The curriculum comes with a Leader Guide and a book of Readings for Action and Reflection. The Leader’s Guide is laid out in an easy-to-follow format.  It includes suggested lesson plans, leader resources and ideas for an optional meal that groups may want to share.

Participants are invited to read in the Readings for Action and Reflection in between sessions.  The reading book includes five days of readings for each session which bring together a scripture text, a reflection on the text, and a contemporary reading.  It also provides suggested Faith in Action and Healthy Eating Tips and resources for exploring the topic further.  The reading book can also be used as a devotional guide on its own.

While the Just Eating? curriculum was designed for small groups of 6-12 people who have about one hour, it is meant to be flexible so that congregations can use it in the way that is best for them.  For instance, the Leader Guide includes tips for leading the sessions if you only have 45 minutes, if your group is larger than twelve people, if you have five sessions instead of seven, etc.

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