Director of Music Ministries/Organist Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury


The Director of Music Ministries/Organist provides musical and spiritual leadership for
the worship of God at the Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury (PCAS). This is a part
time position, estimated at 20 hours per week; salary is negotiable. This individual will
be accountable to the Session and will work directly with the Pastor in planning and
implementing the music ministries of the church. 

  • Serve as coordinator of all music ministries.
  • Play for all traditional services of worship, including any special services.
  • Play for weddings and funerals as needed and as schedule permits. Additional compensation is provided and will be outlined in a fee schedule.
  • Select music for worship in collaboration with the Pastor
  • Conduct weekly rehearsals of the adult Chancel Choir. This includes: directing, accompanying, training singers in vocal technique, teaching basic music skills, and arranging for prayer at beginning and end of rehearsals.
  • Accompany youth choir, bell choir, and guest soloists/instrumentalists, as needed.
  • Recruit members for the choirs and encourage the congregation to participate in music ministries.
  • Assist in securing services of substitute organists, instrumentalists and soloists when needed.
  • Prepare annual budget request for musical instruments,new music for all choirs, guest soloists/instrumentalists, and needed supplies.
  • Maintain music library including new purchases, with the assistance of the church’s music librarian.
  • Oversee all maintenance and repairs of the musical instruments.
  • Participate in Worship Committee meetings as an ex-officio member.
  • Attend staff meetings.
  • Perform other duties related to the music ministries as deemed appropriate by the Pastor and Session.


  • Knowledge of music appropriate for Presbyterian worship.
  • Have an understanding of the long term maintenance of the church’s musical instruments.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in music with three to five years of experience as a church musician is preferred.
  • Be enthusiastic and have a desire to glorify God through music.

Please send resume to:

Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury
c/o Director of Music Ministries/Organist Search Committee
352 Sycamore Avenue
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702-4599

phone: 732.747.3557

email: [email protected]
Chair of the Committee: Kathleen Healy-Wedsworth


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