Presbytery of Monmouth Peacemaking Fund Policy Use (Revised Feb. 2018)


Feb 2018 Revision of Peacemaking Fund Policy Use (1)The ministry of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program is guided by three affirmations outlined in “Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling”:

  • The church is faithful to Jesus Christ when it is engaged in Peacemaking.
  • The church is obedient to Jesus Christ when it nurtures and equips God’s people as peacemakers.
  • The church bears witness to Christ when it nurtures the moral life of the nation for the sake of peace in the world.

The ministry of the Peacemaking Program is also informed by the 2005-2006 General Assembly Council Mission Work Plan objective to “advocate for peace and nonviolence in accord with GA policy and direction, and aid other governing bodies in peacemaking efforts.”

The 192nd General Assembly (1980) of the former United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America called for an offering to be received to support peacemaking initiatives and peace education throughout the church when it adopted the recommendations in the report “Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling.” This document and more peacemaking resources can be found at

The Peace and Global Witness Offering is received by most congregations on World Communion Sunday, celebrated the first Sunday in October. A portion of this Offering may be retained by each congregation for appropriate use as it sees fit. The remaining portion is to be made available to synods, presbyteries and General Assembly for appropriate use.

The Presbytery of Monmouth’s portion of the Peacemaking Offering will be administered by the Mission Working Group.

The monies will be available for use as follows:

  • Respond to specific requests by congregations and other groups in the church for assistance as they do peacemaking.
  • Provide opportunities for peacemaking leaders and staff to visit the presbytery and congregations to preach and conduct training events, workshops, and retreats.
  • Provide need-based scholarships for peace and justice conferences and seminars.


  • Completed request form.
  • Congregations requesting assistance shall have participated in the most recent Peace and Global Witness Offering.
  • Those receiving assistance shall report back their experience to Presbytery, and be available for speaking to the Presbytery or other congregations.

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