Monmouth Presbytery Committee on Preparation for Ministry


Our Work:

G-2.0601 Nature and Purpose of Preparation

It is important that those who are to be ordained as ministers of the Word and Sacrament receive full preparation for their task under the direction of the presbytery. For this purpose, a presbytery shall enter into covenant relationship with those preparing to become ministers of the Word and Sacrament and with their sessions and congregations.”  Form of Government, Book of Order 2017-2019:  The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Part. II (p. 34)

“Purpose of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry – The Committee on Preparation for Ministry shall perform such duties of the Presbytery specified in the Form of Government (G-2.06). The Committee on Preparation for Ministry shall ordinarily make recommendations to the Presbytery with regard to approving and presenting Inquirers and Candidates.”  Monmouth Presbytery, Administrative Manual, Approved February 2016, revised 1-26-2017 (p. 10)

“The preparation for ministry process involves two phases: inquiry and candidacy. These two phases are designed to explore the call, evaluate the gifts, and support the preparation of men and women who either are personally exploring their sense of a call to ordered ministry as a minister of the Word and Sacrament or have been encouraged by the faith community to consider the possibility that God is calling them to that particular ministry. The model for ministers of the Word and Sacrament is the ministry of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the church’s responsibility—acting primarily through the session of the person’s congregation and the presbytery of which that congregation is a part—is to help these individuals grow toward maturity in Christ and a deeper understanding of their place in Christ’s ongoing ministry through the church.”  Mid Council Ministries of the General Assembly, Advisory Handbook on Preparation for Ministry, December 201 (p. 30)

Our Meetings:

Meetings are held ordinarily on the first Tuesday of each month and start at 3:15 PM.  For 2020 the schedule is: April 14, May 5, June 2, July 7, Sept. 15, Oct. 6, Nov. 3,, Dec 7. The committee does not meet in July and occasionally does not meet in a month here or there due to an inadequate number of docket items to warrant a meeting.  Exceptions to the first Tuesday of the month occur when they follow a holiday (e.g., in September, the first Tuesday follows Labor Day), in which case the meeting will be the second Tuesday of the month; the needs of persons under care require a different schedule; or other aspects of the committee’s workload require flexibilty.

Meetings are held in the Adult Education Room across the hallway from the secretary’s office in the Cornell House, Allentown Presbyterian Church, 20 High Street, Allentown, NJ.  Meetings are closed but guests may attend with advance notice and consent from the CPM.  Persons under care may invite the pastor of their home church, their session liaison, and/or a loved one to attend their consultations without needing to obtain consent in advance.  They may be present with the person under care during the consultation, but they will be excused with the student during confidential CPM deliberations.

Class Name Home Church
2020 Rev. Doug Chase Brick
Iver Kennedy, Secretary Toms River
Cathie Strauss Hope, Lakewood
Rev. Julie Thompson Ocean, Church on the Hill
2021 Rev. Linda Goeddel Specialized
Robert Joe Lee, Moderator Bordentown
Rev. Dr. Byron Shafer Honorably Retired
Constance Wright Allentown
2022 Rev. Barbara Booth-Jarmon Brick
Rev. Christian Johnson Toms River
Mission Council Liaison


Rev. Dr. Stephen Heinzel-Nelson Allentown


Our Moderator:
Robert Joe Lee
93 Paxson Avenue
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690-1906

(H) 609-588-8779
(C) 609-508-7839

E-mail:  [email protected]



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