Quickstart Youth Ministry Initiative, by John Fong


Would your church (presbytery) or do you know any churches that would be interested in this Youth Ministry Initiative?

Here’s what makes this program a little different.

  • Based on contemporary lead generation and Relational Marketing/Communications approaches
  • Churches of any size can implement this
  • Based on Pop Up/Meetup concept, set up youth ministry in 30 days, but can also develop into a long term ministry
  • Ministry, engagement, connection, relationship begins almost immediately and sustained long term, ministering digitally and on social media
  • Design to generate continuous community engagement and reach
  • Generates great community exposure
  • Enhances existing Youth ministry or help establish a traditional youth ministry program or hybrid
  • Cost effective and fits any budgets

If interested I can set up a Zoom, in person presentation for all interested or individual phone consultation. I do not have everyone’s email so this is only to leadership I know. Please pass it on. Any thoughts? This is also being implemented in my GA and PA presbyteries.

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