Monmouth Presbytery Commitment to Anti-Racism


Monmouth Presbytery
Commitment to Anti-Racism

The purpose of this statement is to offer a place for Minister Members of Monmouth Presbytery to confess together, as is our tradition, the truth as made known to us in this particular time and place.

Much has been written, by voices more knowledgeable than our own, about the recent murders of Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others, and about the reality of racial injustice and white supremacy that still inflicts our society. We recommend to you the list of letters and resources compiled by the PC(USA). Most simply put: yes, Black Lives Matter.

We affirm these statements. As Pastors, we stand, in no uncertain terms, against all forms of racism, white supremacy, and any system that either overtly or unknowingly affords privilege to one group at the expense of another. We know these sins to be overt and casual, expressed in actions done and left undone, and alive in individuals as well as systems. We are not free ourselves of such sin. We can, and must, do better. We commit ourselves to becoming anti-racist individuals and leaders of anti-racists faith communities.

In 1863, on the topic of slavery, the Rev. Joseph Symmes, of the then Synod of New Jersey, wrote, “truth seeks discussion; falsehood perishes by it.” We commit ourselves to discussion, reflection, action, and reform for ourselves, our faith communities, our denomination, and the church universal. In the same sermon, Rev. Symmes reflected, “I conscientiously believe that it would be sinful to be silent in this period of our country’s history.” The same is true for us today and has been for quite some time. With this signature, our silence ends.

Minister Members of the Mission Council
Rev. Dana Eglinton
Rev. Diane Ford, Vice Moderator
Rev. Dr. Stephen Heinzel-Nelson
Rev. Hannah Lovaglio
Rev. Alan Olson
Rev. Cynthia Parker
Rev. Sue Smith, Stated Clerk

Also endorsed by
Elder Walt Vincent, Moderator

Minister Members of Monmouth Presbytery:

Rev. Kristin M. AustewRev. Tae Cheong, HR
Rev. Charles F. Holm, HR
Rev. Dr. Louis Mitchell, HR
Rev. Dr. Barbara Booth-Jarmon
Rev. David Bowman
Rev. Dr. Richard Boyer
Rev. Douglas G. Chase, HR
Rev. Tae Cheong, HR
Rev. Katherine Cunningham, HR
Rev. Lisa Day
Rev. Jessica Dixon
Rev. Fred Doscher, HR
Rev. Dr. Gary W. Filson
Rev. Linda Goeddel
Rev. Myrlene Hamilton
Rev. Charles F. Holm, HR
Rev. Dr. Louis Mitchell, HR
Rev. John Monroe
Rev. William Morris
Rev. Osvaldo D. Nuesch
Rev. Suzanne E. Schafer-Coates, HR
Rev. Byron Shafer, HR
Rev. Julie Thompson-Barrier
Rev. Carole P. Warfield
Rev. Phyllis Zoon
Rev. Bob Seaman


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