Covenant Call Pastor, First Presbyterian Church On Maurice River, Millville NJ


Position Description:

The First Presbyterian Church On Maurice River in Millville, New Jersey, has an immediate opening for a Pastor who loves God and people who will resource and lead the congregation in fulfilling its mission; recapturing the spiritual vitality and wellness of our congregation and community. We seek a gifted and spiritually empowered individual who will help us redevelop our ministry. This part-time position serves as a champion of the congregation’s transformational journey to achieve a positive impact in the southern New Jersey Region. Our next pastor will have successful experience in serving towns and urban communities. Working with the session, our pastor will be a good listener, encourager, and thoughtful servant-leader who will model and help build sustainable relationships with members, neighbors, and community leaders into a connection with Christ. Our next pastor’s competencies will include preaching and worship leadership, communicator, spiritual maturity, advisor, change agent, culturally proficient, collaborative, bridge-builder, motivator, and flexibility.

First Presbyterian Church has served its congregation, historic community, and surrounding areas for 200 years. With more than 60 members, First Presbyterian Church believes that God loves everyone, and that we have been established to improve the wellness of the community by proclaiming, inviting, and serving people of all ages to experience the abundant life in Christ Jesus as revealed in God’s word through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are ready to learn and grow with our next pastor.

<The following section needs refinement and editing for clarity, and would be included in the Covenant Call Pastor Agreement.>

General Responsibilities:

  • Preach engaging messages from God’s word, lead worship, and in cooperation with the music team, provide inspiring weekly worship experiences for the congregation that equip them to show God’s love to others in practical ways.
  • Model and serve as a catalyst to nurture a culture of invitation, generosity, and learning.
  • With the session, create, coordinate, and deploy community-facing outreach efforts to increase our visible presence as a church in the community.
  • Be a presence in the community by continuously creating new relationships with neighbors and community leaders.
  • Administer the Sacraments and officiate at weddings and funerals, as requested.
  • Moderate the Session and congregational meetings, and lead the Session and Deacons in their respective ministries.
  • With the Deacons, provide pastoral care for the sick and home bound members.
  • Serve as Head of Staff and provide administrative leadership.
  • Support an education program and teach officer training, Bible, and lead new member engagement and inquiry classes.
  • Develop the church‘s capacity in spiritual discernment, community engagement, new ministry development, and a strategic planning process.
  • Represent the church in the greater community with community organizations.
  • Pray with and for the congregation and community and invest appropriate time for personal development, preparation, and self-care, including the taking of study leave.

The Congregation and Session will be responsible to:

  • Support the Pastor in his/her ministry.
  • Actively participate in the life of the church; especially in attendance of regular worship services and other church activities
  • Actively work to support the growth of the congregation
  • Work with the pastor by participation in the leadership of the church and be willing to implement new ideas and programs
  • Provide regular financial compensation according to the terms outlined below.
  • Pray for the Pastor, congregation, and community.
  • Negotiate additional goals for the contract period, as needed (Session).
  • Provide a performance review to the Pastor at least annually (Session).

It is further understood that the Pastor will nurture the relationship between the Presbytery and the congregation and encourage participation in the life of the Presbytery. During the length of the agreement, the Pastor will be accountable to the Presbytery through the Commission on Ministry. It is understood that the Pastor will participate in Presbytery life and meetings as a minister member, and attend scheduled covenant call pastor’s meetings sponsored by the Presbytery.

For more info contact:

Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli
[email protected]


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