Revised: Full-Time Transitional Position-Woodbury Heights NJ


First Presbyterian Church
Of Woodbury Heights
335 Elm Avenue
Woodbury Heights NJ 08097

Bringing people together to glorify God
through the teachings of Jesus Christ 
Position: Full Time Transitional Pastor

Job Description:

  • A full time (48 hours) transitional pastor trained in interim work to provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care, and administrative oversight to our congregation of 155 members


  • Be a constant witness to the word of God, in example, service, and sympathy
  • Provide biblically based preaching and teaching ministry
  • Encourage the congregation in the worship and service of God, enabling and encouraging the congregation with their tasks within the church and in their mission in the world
  • Provide active leadership to the Session serving as its moderator; provide leadership to the congregation and its organizations in supporting programs that will enable the church to grow in mission; and to supervise its professional staff
  • Visit, contact, counsel, and care for the congregation and our shut-ins
  • Encourage the church body in their efforts to grow membership, seek new families, and provide opportunities of renewal and fresh commitment to the Word of God
  • Assist the congregation in the transition process and mission development as it looks toward the future
  • Be involved in the West Jersey Presbytery’s Vital Congregations Initiative
  • Assist the session and congregation in coming to terms with its history, and working to resolve emotions and issues in order to move freely into the future
  • Assist in discovering a new identity, working to understand who we are as a congregation and who God is calling us to be
  • Assist in facilitating shifts in power, encouraging leadership gifts from all parts of the congregation
  • Recommitting to denominational linkages by continuing involvement with Presbytery, its missions, and resources
  • Assist in building commitment to new leadership and a new future by engaging the congregation in developing a shared vision for the future
  • Facilitate the call process by working to update the mission study and serve as a resource to the PNC

Session and congregation covenant:

  • Pray for the pastor
  • Support the pastor in his/her ministry
  • Provide regular financial compensation according to terms in contract
  • Actively participate in the life of First Presbyterian Church of Woodbury Heights; especially in attendance of regular worship services and other church activities
  • Actively work to support the growth of the congregation and youth activities
  • Work with the pastor by participation in the leadership of the church and be willing to implement new ideas and programs

Terms of call:

  • Length of Time: 1 year w/30day release clause – may be extended
  • Experience: Transitional Ministry Certificate 1 yr minimum
  • Salary/Housing allowance: $55,246 to $60,515
  • Pension/Medical dues: Full
  • Professional expense including mileage vouchered- $3000 Compensation Allowance/Travel
  • Continuing Education: 2 weeks/$750 vouchered reimbursement
  • Vacation: 1 month (four or five Sundays)

Contact information:

Organization Name:                        First Presbyterian Church of Woodbury Heights
Contact Name:                                  Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli
Address:                                              1701 Sycamore Avenue

Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

Email:                                                    [email protected]









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