The Power of Church Reviews


The Power of Church Reviews

Did you know that over 90% of all internet users read reviews and almost 50% make their decisions based on those reviews?

How many reviews does your church Facebook page have? How recent are your reviews? Why are church reviews important?

Here are some reasons why church reviews are so powerful:
  • Authentic testimonials about your church
  • Sets your church apart from the church down the street
  • Increase exposure for your church, every time someone leaves a review it will be shared with people they are connected with and all your followers
  • Give visitors and people in your community a glimpse into your church
  • Improve and increase engagement
  • Enhance community outreach
  • Builds community and trust!

Steps to ask for reviews:

  1. Send out an email blast to your congregation to please go to your church Facebook page and leave a 5 star positive review.
  2. Continue to remind your congregation and visitors to leave a review on your church Facebook page.
  3. If you have developed a Super Users Group, please ask all of them to leave reviews and share it.
  4. Respond to your reviews and engage with your reviewers. Let them know you appreciate their reviews and comment when appropriate.
  5. Do it today!

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