Organist and Choir Director, Lakehurst


The Presbyterian Church of Lakehurst – Position Description

Title:                        Organist and Choir Director

Purpose:                 To coordinate the Church’s Music program, play the organ and direct the choirs, an average of 10 hours per week.

Accountability:       To the Pastor and the Session through the Worship Team.


  1. Research sacred music appropriate to the numbers and voices of the choirs and to the biblical themes selected by the pastor, and contribute to worship planning as a member of the worship team.
  2. Plan, prepare and play prelude and postlude appropriate to each service of worship in consultation with the pastor and Worship Committee, and accompany the choir and congregation for introit, anthems, hymns and choral responses.
  3. Organize and maintain the church’s music library.
  4. Attend monthly meetings as ex officio member of the Worship Team, and assist in developing an annual budget.
  5. Secure and pay a substitute choir director and organist when necessary in consultation with the pastor and Worship Committee.
  6. Identify needs for proper maintenance of the organ, and report them to the Worship Team chair.
  7. Prepare and play for weddings, funerals and non-recurring special services (when available and for additional compensation).

Characteristics and qualifications:

  1. Bachelors or advanced degree in music education and/or choral conducting, and organ and piano proficiency.
  2. Three to five years’ experience teaching and leading adults (with trained and untrained voices) in church music, with personal commitment to continuing development of musicianship.
  3. Ability to work as a team player on the worship team.
  4. Punctual, dependable, organized, creative and reverent.

Relationships: Relates to the Pastor, Worship Team, Choir and members and friends of the church.

Evaluation:      Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Pastor with or in consultation with the Chair of the Worship Team.

Date: August, 2019

Contact:  Glenn Milana at 732-657-5211


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