Holiday Greetings Digital Disciples Churches! ~From the desk of John Fong


Holiday Greetings Digital Disciples Churches!

Congratulations! If you have your foundational strategies in place your church is reaching and ministering to hundreds, even thousands in your larger community (your FB data/Insights) and welcoming new visitors consistently!

Please continue to add Supers to expand your exposure, strengthen your relationships, continue to have your church leadership invite visitors to church and model this for the congregation.

Your presbytery Facebook page has this free training online please access the training video there if you like. Any questions/thoughts?

Peace, John

Here’s where your new members are coming from next year! Don’t miss this opportunity. This is your prime target audience for new members.

Give your congregation and visitors an opportunity and permission to Like/Follow your church FB page before and after Christmas service.


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John Fong


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