Communication Workshop October 5th relevant, informative


The Communications Workshop that took place at Allentown Presbyterian Church’s new Youth Center was well attended, and by all accounts, well- worth attending. The workshop, split into two parts, began with speaker Gail Strange, Director, Church and Mid-Council Communications, who gave an in-depth presentation on Communications Planning, highlighting the importance of identifying Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics (SWOT) as well as developing simple, key messages for programs, events, and projects and how to implement them. Those attending were given time to work on their communication plan for their respective churches, step by step. Questions were encouraged and answered.

After the lunch break, Mari Evans, Social Media and Media Relations Strategist presented an in-depth presentation of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and how to use them wisely and effectively.

The day’s workshop was chock full of information and very interactive. Much of what was presented can be found online here on the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) website. In addition, both presenters highly encouraged attendees, and any other presbytery members to contact them to answer any other questions, or for more information. They can be found in PMA’s directory under “communications ministry.”


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