Climate Care Challenge


As people of faith, we believe that God created this world, called it good and told humans to care for it. We are blessed to have this sacred task. 

The Challenge

The Climate Care Challenge is a two part commitment that first asks participants to make a personal step to help decrease the impacts of climate change, then asks for an outward step that engages the participants community.

 Download the Climate Care Challenge Resource


  • Walk/bicycle, take public transportation, carpool, drive more efficiently, and avoid air travel.
  • Eat a (more) plant-based diet or grow your own food.
  • Plant a tree or help restore a wetland.
  • Reduce your energy use: replace your lightbulbs with LEDs, add insulation, air dry clothes or do an energy audit.
  • Reduce waste: recycle, compost, and buy less.
  • Purchase renewable energy or carbon offsets.
  • Talk about why you care about climate change to your friends and family.

Outwards Steps


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