The Power of 4!


If you can get four visitors a month to your church consistently, your church will grow!

So how can you attract four visitors a month to your church consistently?

To attract four visitors a month you will need to have consistent weekly activities, events and/or outreaches that encourage people in the community to visit your church. Here are four simple activities, events and/or outreaches, one for each week of the month that you can implement today without a lot of volunteers. These activities can be on-going, do not forget to post these community service activities on your church Facebook pages/groups, community social media networks and ask your church members/super users/influencers to help get the word out (Tip – FB algorithm gives community service/related post more exposure).

  1. Week one – Invite a friend or family to church Sunday (once a month make a special Sunday for friends/family visitors)
  2. Week two – Crayola Markers Recycle Program (always ask for contact info and to like your church community service FB group/page from visitors so you can start a relationship with them)
  3. Week three – Can food drive/collection for local food banks/pantries (always ask for contact info and to like your church community service FB group/page from visitors so you can start a relationship with them)
  4. Week four – Book drive or DVD drive/collection for libraries or families in need (always ask for contact info and to like your community service FB group/page so you can start a relationship with them)

First, identify individuals/members in your church to lead these activities, to organize, to manage volunteers, create a schedule if necessary, provide any materials necessary and follow through. Also advise these individuals to ask for community volunteer involvement and/or help if applicable (this is a great way to bring new people in to help and get the word of mouth out among your community).

Second, create a Facebook group for Community Service (general group for all) or for each activity (separate, specific people). The goal is to get members from your church and most importantly people from the community to join this group so you can start to develop a relationship with them. Hopefully, in time they will consider joining your church especially if they have a positive impression of your church. These group(s) will help create a greater sense of community and will help your church gain more exposure.

Third, make sure to engage and communicate in these new Facebook groups, to share updates, messages, and invitations to bring people together for face to face meet ups or social Thank you meals. This is a powerful way to stay connected to new people and to communicate with them.

Fourth, whenever possible request RSVP and contact information. Assure visitors their information will remain secure and they will only receive updates and/or important notices.

Finally, make sure you meet face to face with all new visitors, invite them to special meet and greet activities designed to be social. Hopefully the more they get to know you, the more they like you and then consider joining the church.

If you consistently implement strategies to invite new people and have a process to establish relationships with new visitors, some of them will eventually want to learn more about your church. To recap, activities that bring visitors in, get their contact info, connect with them immediately on Facebook/social media, start communicating with them, and invite them to face to face social gatherings. Your goal is to bring in 4 new visitors a month consistently. If you bring in 4 new visitors a month consistently your church will grow!

Do you need more ideas to improve your communications and attract new visitors to your church? Are you having trouble attracting four visitors per month? Here’s how you can reach me:

John Fong
Digital Communications &
Social Media Network Ministry Consultant
Presbytery of Elizabeth, Presbytery of Monmouth, Presbytery of New Brunswick, Presbytery of West Jersey

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