Sabbath House: Winter Solstice/Epiphany Retreat for Friday, January 4th


Seasonal retreat for Friday, January 4, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m

In the seasons of the church year, when Christmas is over, Epiphany is just around the corner. In the seasons of the Earth Year, it’s the Winter Solstice when we mark the longest night of the year. Take some time for a short retreat at Sabbath House as we ponder the sacred mystery of this season of the Earth and pause to search for new spiritual depths of faith, hope, and caring in these uncertain times. Our day will include worship, quiet conversation or silent reflection, and giving thanks.

Worship at Sabbath House is grounded in caring with and for God’s creation. We want to offer a spiritual response to our present ecological crisis, and we are intentional in making a connection between our human selves and the “luminous web” of creation of which we are very much a part.


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