Presbytery of Elizabeth – Temporary Pastor, Westminster, Berkeley Heights


It is the expectation of COM that the Temporary Pastor will not be a candidate for the next called pastor or associate pastor position of this congregation, and will, in every way, seek to prepare the way for the coming of an installed Pastor. It is also the expectation of COM that the Temporary Pastor will not assist in the preparation of the MIF or the work of the PNC.

The Temporary Pastor:

Will seek to become a member of this Presbytery

Will provide input, if requested, in the Mission Study process

The Temporary Pastor will serve on a part time (30 hours per week) basis


The pastor will be responsible to:

  • Lead worship and preach at regular Sunday services; arrange for substitute preachers on any Sunday not present
  • Moderate session and congregational meetings
  • Serve as Head of Staff (other staff include office administrator, music director, part-time youth leader)
  • Provide pastoral care; officiate at weddings and funerals
  • Work with committee chairs
  • Enable the Session to identify current issues they face and develop ways of resolving them
  • Lead the Session through a goal-setting process, thereby developing a vision for the future
  • Help to identify skills needed by the future Pastor to insure clarity of roles and expectations
  • Prepare the congregation for the arrival of a new minister
  • Represent the church in community activities
  • Partner with Session to make connections with nursery school, senior living communities, new apartments to be built in the area.
  • Pray for the church
  • Counsel potential new members

The congregation and session will be responsible to:

  • Support the pastor in his/her ministry
  • Provide regular financial compensation according to the terms outlined below
  • Provide performance review to the pastor at least annually
  • Pray for the pastor during this covenant period
  • Negotiate goals for the covenant period

Terms of Call (annualized):

  1. Cash salary $
  2. Housing & utilities $
  1. + b. $____45,000____
  2. Continuing Education $ __1800________ to be paid by an accountable reimbursement plan
  3. Travel & ministry expenses $ ___3000______ to be paid by an accountable reimbursement plan with automobile business expenses reimbursed at the current allowable Internal Revenue Service rate of ____54___¢ per mile
  4. Pension & Medical Benefits$ _16,650___ (37% of a. & b.)
  5. TOTAL:________________________________________________________ $ ____66,500
  6. Other allowances or reimbursable expenses as agreed upon.

Additional Terms of the Covenant

  1. Vacation – One month (31 days) per year including 5 Sundays to be taken any time after three (3) months of service (subject to approval of the session). Vacation cannot be carried over from one year to the next.
  2. Holidays – New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and day after Thanksgiving), and Christmas Day. If ministerial services are required on any holiday, then another day shall be substituted for the holiday.
  3. Study Leave – Seven (7) days of study leave per year including one (1) Sunday, to be used for the growth in skill or knowledge relating to this specific ministry. There is no compensation for unused study leave.
  4. Sick Time – One hour of sick leave shall be accumulated for every 30 hours of service. Any unused sick time will be paid at year end. (Unused time may not be carried forward).

Early Termination of Covenant

It is agreed that this covenant may be terminated prior to the Covenant Expiration Date upon sixty (60) days written notice by either the Session or the Temporary Pastor. The terminating party shall provide COM with a copy of the early termination notification.


During the length of this agreement, the Temporary Pastor will be accountable to this Presbytery through the Committee on Ministry (COM) liaison. It is the expectation of COM that the Temporary Pastor has attended or will attend Interim Training. The COM liaison will report to COM on the interim process.

For interested candidates, please reply with a copy of your resume by email to Larry Cunningham, WPC Interim Pastor Search Committee Chair, at [email protected].


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