Interim Pastor-Community Presbyterian Church of Mountainside


Community Presbyterian Church of Mountainside

Interim Pastor Opportunity 

The Community Presbyterian Church of Mountainside is seeking to engage a temporary pastor to assist the church in the transition, following the retirement of our minister, to the engagement of a new permanent pastor.

Our church, located in Union County New Jersey, is approximately 25 miles west of New York City, in a quiet small suburban setting.  Our current membership is approximately 300.  We have a choir composed of 20 well trained voices lead by an accomplished music director.  We offer services to our congregation and community including: adult bible study, youth education, nursery school, women’s association, men’s group, and sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop.  We provide meeting facilities for: a community senior citizens group, local AA and NA groups.

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  • Graduate of a nationally recognized seminary or divinity school • Ordained by PC USA and in good standing
  • Experience as a called pastor and/or interim pastor
  • Must have completed Interim Ministry training
  • Experience as head of staff
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effective Pastoral Care skills
  • Possessed of mature Presbyterian theology and desire/ability to inspire congregation with same inworship setting and other pastoral engagements


The pastor will be responsible to:

  • Lead worship and preach at regular Sunday services; arrange for substitute preachers on any Sunday not present
  • Moderate session and congregational meetings
  • Attend Trustee meetings
  • Attend Deacon meetings
  • To assist in the technology initiatives being used to communicate with the congregation
  • Serve as Head of Staff
  • Provide pastoral care; officiate at weddings and funerals
  • Lead new member classes
  • Train lay leadership; work with committee chairs
  • Help the congregation with the transition to a new pastor.
  • Enable the Session to identify current issues they face and develop ways of resolving them
  • Lead the Session through a goal-setting process, thereby developing a vision for the future
  • Help to identify skills needed by the future Pastor to insure clarity of roles and expectations
  • Prepare the congregation for the arrival of a new minister
  • Represent the church in dealing with outside organizations
  • Pray for the church

HOW TO APPLY: Send PIF to: Gregory Meissner [email protected]



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