Interim Minister – Neshanic Reformed Church, Hillsborough, NJ


Job Description for the Interim Minister at Neshanic Reformed Church

The Neshanic Reformed Church is looking for an interim minister to provide pastoral services on a full time basis starting as early as September 2018. The church is looking for someone who can perform the following duties. 

  1. Preaching
    1. Prepare and deliver quality messages each Sunday
    2. Prepare and deliver quality children’s message each Sunday during worship service
    3. Preparation includes weekly time for study and prayer
    4. Communicate messages with biblical and theological integrity that are relevant, timely, and equip the church for faithful living in today’s world
  1. Worship leadership and administration of Christian sacraments.
    1. Plan, prepare, and lead weekly services of worship in collaboration with the lay worship leaders
    2. Plan, prepare, and lead special services of worship when possible and appropriate in collaboration with the lay worship leaders of the church
    3. Help to identify and encourage lay worship leaders for participation in worship planning and offerings.
  1. Pastoral Care
    1. Deliver quality pastoral care that witnesses to the healing and caring presence of Jesus for those hurting, lonely, experiencing loss, or in need of spiritual direction.
    2. Encourage and empower lay caregivers who are gifted and trained to be ambassadors of the church’s caring ministry to those homebound, sick, or in need of a friend.
    3. Be available to offer spiritual direction and pastoral care and counsel on a regular weekly basis as well as by appointment.
  1. Teaching
    1. Lead weekly meeting of Bible Study class with spiritual formation for the purpose of individual and communal transformation in the image of Christ in the ways that best serve the church.
    2. Lead weekly meeting of the Confirmation Class.
    3. Lead weekly New Members meeting when needed
  1. Outreach and Evangelism:
    1. Help and encourage the church to identify pressing needs in the community and mobilize ministry efforts that witness to God’s love where those needs exist.
    2. Encourage the church to build relationships with fellow pastors, community leaders, social service providers, and citizens of good will seeking to address needs within the wider community.
  2. Administration
    1. Work collaboratively with church staff and lay leaders to ensure the work effectively serves the church’s vision and mission objectives.
    2. Attend monthly consistory meetings as President, but not the chair of the meeting (VP will serve as chair), and help to chart the course of the church.
    3. Give a written monthly report to the consistory.
    4. Have regular communication with staff and lay leaders as needed regarding items such as worship schedules, calendars of events, short and long-term goals, and pastoral needs of the church.
    5. When possible, contribute requested written information for weekly, monthly, or annual publications.
    6. Pray for, respond to requests from, and give encouragement to ministry teams.
    7. Lead the church through this time of transition and help prepare the congregation for the arrival of a new minister

Salary to be commensurate with experience following Presbytery Standards at an annual Effective Salary Range (prorated as appropriate) from $55,000-$65,000 and total compensation from $80,000-$90,000.

All interested candidates should email their resumes to Robin Kiefer, Deacon of the Neshanic Reformed Church, at [email protected]



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