Continuing Education Opportunity for Spanish Speaking Leaders, July 18-22nd


This year the Office of Hispanic/Latino-a Intercultural and Congregational Support is hosting a Pastoral Leadership Development Seminary in Mexico City on July 18-22nd

During the event, leaders will have the opportunity to engage in Intercultural Reading of the Bible and our guest speaker Dr. Hans De Wit* will guide them in this popular and contextual method of reading the bible within their diverse faith communities as well as within their presbytery as a tool to encounter people from different cultures and build bridges of understanding so we may intentionally give steps toward becoming the beloved community that we are called to be in the Gospel.

The cost to attend is $450.00 which includes 4 nights of a shared hotel room, one dinner, 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, a guided tour to Teotihuacan and materials.

For more information and questions, contact Marissa Shearon at or 502-569-5385.


*More about our Guest Speaker:

Professor Dr. Hans De Wit has been recognized for his great work as a professor in Theology at the Free University of Amsterdam, as well as for his publications and work on intercultural hermeneutics. He has given lectures and classes in Spanish in almost all Latin American countries, as well as in many Asian, African and European countries. He spent almost 10 years of his life in Chile serving as a professor of the Old Testament, biblical hermeneutics, and coordinator of a program of long distance theological education. Since October of 2007, he has held the interuniversity Chair for Peace and Liberation at VU University Amsterdam and much of his work has been translated in more than 10 languages.


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