Call for Cents-Ability Grant applications – July 16 deadline


Our presbytery’s Cents-Ability program was initiated in 2006 to raise awareness and funds in the fight against hunger. Funds raised through Cents-Ability are used to fund hunger ministries in a partnership model: 40% for New Jersey hunger ministries connected to Monmouth Presbytery congregations and 60% for hunger ministries in the U.S. and around the world (to be chosen from Extra Commitment Opportunities of the Presbyterian Hunger Program).Grants are awarded by the Cents-Ability Grants Committee, which consists of voting members from each participating congregation, assisted by the Hunger Action Advocate (voice but not vote). Cents-Grant Application.

Applications may be submitted by any organization located in New Jersey that is actively seeking to meet the needs of hungry people or addressing issues related to the political, economic, and societal issues that cause hunger. Applications will be considered if they meet the mission statement of the Presbyterian Hunger Program:  “To alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.”

All congregations are encouraged to invite organizations they support to apply for a grant (to be endorsed by the Session). Organizations not affiliated with a church that is a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) should ask the session of the Presbyterian congregation in their community to endorse their request.

The Cents-Ability Grants Committee meets twice per year, usually in June/July (for grants to organizations connected with congregations in Monmouth Presbytery and November/ December (for grants outside of Monmouth Presbytery). The Presbytery’s Hunger Action Advocate reviews applications to determine the quality of the program and the urgency of the need. She will make recommendations to the Cents-Ability Grants Committee, which will make the final determination regarding funding.

Send Completed Applications to Rev. Phyllis Zoon, email Applications should ordinarily be submitted electronically in MS Word format. When this is not possible, send by mail to Rev. Phyllis Zoon, Sabbath House, 8 Front Street, New Egypt, NJ 08533



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