A Confession for Such a Time as This


As Ken Gordon, one of Monmouth’s Synod Commissioners, reported at our September 25 meeting, a group of young ministry leaders wrote and presented the attached document,A Confession for Such a Time as This” Synod Assembly Commissioners voted to commend this document to churches of the Synod for study as a contextual statement of what Reformed faith can look like, lived out in this place at this time in history.  Each church is encouraged to undertake a study of the document.  You will see that the confession cites biblical references which will assist you in your study.

Commissioners discussed the confession by answering the following below.  You may wish to use these questions as a way to begin your study.

  • In what ways does the Confession “grate against” the borders we have created in our understanding and practice of “church” and being Christian?
  • What did it stir up for you personally and in your context?
  • In your presbytery, congregation and community:

o    How do the claims of this confession resonate, present challenges, call out a need for change?

o    How can we live into this confession in work, worship and community life for such a time as this?

I would appreciate hearing back from you any comments or narratives raised during your study so that they can be shared with the young ministry leaders who signed the confession as well as with others in the synod.

Sue Smith, Stated Clerk


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