6 Easy Steps to Protecting Your Privacy on Facebook

With all the recent concerns about Facebook, it’s understandable that people’s first instinct is to delete their Facebook accounts. But if you want to continue to use Facebook here are 6 easy ways to protect your privacy.

Step 1 – Here’s a good rule of thumb. Whenever you post something or share a post, Facebook will let you decide who to show it to (this does not apply to liking your church Facebook page posts). If you are posting something personal and you want it to only be displayed to your friends, simply click the tab next to Post and select Friends. If you are sharing your church Facebook page post, make sure you select Public, so it reaches your church Followers and larger community.  By controlling what is for Friends only and what is Public you limit who sees your posts/shares and access to your Facebook Profile. Again, if you only like your church Facebook page posts there are no privacy concerns.


Step 2 – The best way to keep your Facebook Profile/personal account off the internet is to hide it from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make sure you uncheck the Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile. This will remove your Facebook Profile/personal account and all your private information from the public search engines.

Step 3 – Realize that if you Like other Facebook Pages other than your church’s Facebook page, those businesses and organizations can access your information. The only way to make sure a business/organization is not using your information is to not Like them. Only Like your church Facebook page since you know the church will not share or sell your information.

Step 4 – If you want to keep your photos among friends only. Make sure your Facebook photos/photo album(s) are set to Only Friends, make sure every time you create a new Facebook album it is set to Only Friends.

Step 6 – Go into your Privacy settings and make sure you remove any Apps and Websites you are allowing access to your data.

The three key points to protecting your privacy on Facebook are:

  • Always select Friends or Public when you post or share (this does not apply to liking your church posts)
  • Only Like your church Facebook page – do not Like or share your account with any businesses or organizations (even non-profits unless they have a no share/sell policy)
  • Do not have your private information on Facebook or online

In the past few years, there have been many data/private information breaches and there will be more as technology integrates into our daily life. Facebook is dealing with the latest breach. The reality and truth is that if you use the internet, shop online, and engage in any digital transaction your information can be breached, but like with anything new in time we will learn how to successfully manage it. The best way to limit your risk is to keep your private information offline, check your credit rating/profile at least once a year and report any suspicious activity immediately.






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