Angels in Dark Places: A Book on the New Frontier in Health Care


What’s this  Angels in Dark Places:  CNAs Deal with Love, Life, Death and Diapers!

As a pastor, I confess my reluctance to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers.  Unfortunately, they conjure up dark thoughts of dying patients and my own mortality.  But in the last nine months, I have had a birth of new understanding.  Working with co-author Ron Jackson, our research has shed light on the angelic devotion of CNAs.  In other words, I have had an epiphany, a revelation.  Now I invite you to venture out to a new frontier—supporting CNAs and families in the mission/ministry to loved ones.

Angels in Dark Places is a love story, one filled with laughter, tears, exhaustion, screams of pain and joy.  Imagine looking for a missing patient in the night and finding him in another room, in bed with another patient; or watching a CNA miss her lunch to paint your mother’s fingernails!  Or the CNA who comes to work in the morning with a gift for her favorite patient, only to find out she died during the night. So many stories, so many emotions and they all happen in a single eight hour shift!

Most people have no idea what a CNA is or how important they may be to your future.  There is a serious shortage of CNAs and the shortage is rapidly becoming a crisis.  One that will affect the entire healthcare industry.  Can you help?   Absolutely, please read and learn how!   Now available from Amazon:  Angels in Dark Places:  CNAs Deal with Love, Life, Death and Diapers!    


What is the expanded scope and possibilities for this book?

  1. To support the angelic work of CNAs and thank them for what they do.
  2. To help future CNAs identify their calling and provide a curriculum text for their studies.
  3. To work with hospitals and nursing homes to support CNAs and patient care.
  4. To explore the “New Frontier/Mission of Healthcare” and to reach out to patients and support CNAs and staff members.
  5. To confront and deal with our dark thoughts of death, nursing homes and dying relatives.
  6. To prepare oneself and families for what to expect in nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab centers.
  7. To make the best decision on choosing a nursing home or care facility.
  8. To provide a guide and book study for churches, Stephen Ministry, Alzheimer’s groups and care givers.

Help us spread the word.  Angels in Dark Places:  CNAs Deal with Love, Life, Death and Diapers!   Thank you.  Ron Jackson and “Rev Rob”  (Dr. Rob Morrison)  [email protected]


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