Temporary Pastor Needed: Community Presbyterian Church in Edison, NJ.


Part Time Interim Job Description

  1. Part Time Interim Job Description – Negotiable based on interests and skills.
  2. Plan and Direct Sunday and Special Worships Services
  3. Prepare sermon and select scriptures based on the subject of message.
  4. Plan bulletin and select call to worship, prayers, and additions to the worship service by Thursday prior to service.
  5. Special Services include, but are not limited to Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Easter Sunrise Service, Funerals, and Weddings.
  6. Participate in the Life of the Church
  7. Attend events, fellowship activities when possible.
  8. Actively encourage members to develop and use their gifts in the life of the church.
  9. Facilitate Christian Education Activities of the Church
  10. Act as a biblical resource and spiritual support for lay Christian education teachers.
  11. Facilitate a weekly Bible study as needed
  12. Moderate Session and Congregational Meetings.
  13. In conjunction with the Clerk of Session, prepare agendas and ensure that information is distributed prior to the meeting.
  14. Provide a brief Pastoral Report for the monthly Session meeting.
  15. Lead and moderate meetings to ensure agenda is completed and meeting is kept as effective and efficient as possible.
  16. Provide Pastoral Care to Members
  17. Provide visitation to shut ins, hospital visits, and emergency follow up visits.
  18. Use biblical principles and maintain confidentiality during counseling sessions.
  19. Available for emergencies as they arise.
  20. Update social media presence as needed.
  21. Establish office hours at least one day of the week.
  22. Participate in New Program Development
  23. Suggest  ideas to help our church implement new programs.
  24. Support and encourage lay leaders to carry out these programs

Contact: Madelynne Lindsey at madelynne_lindsey@yahoo.com, or Jeremy Campbell at jtcampbell@elizabethpresbytery.org


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