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Upcoming Continuing Education offerings at Princeton Seminary:

  • Women’s Voices Workshop – This offering is designed to develop women’s public speaking voices. A small group will spend days on breathing exercises, vocal coaching, and practical skill development for public speaking and preaching with Dr. Nancy Lammers Gross. People can get a taste for what Nancy’s up to in a recent podcast interviewon the topic, and can check out her new book Women’s Voices and the Practice of Preaching.
  • Pastoral Ministry Series – Over four consecutive Mondays this winter, this series seeks to foster healthy congregations. Each day will focus on a different aspect of wellbeing including mental, financial, spiritual, and physical. Participants can sign up for one or more sessions. Mornings will be geared toward congregational wellness and afternoons will pivot to concentrate on the individual wellbeing of the pastor. Leaders include Melinda Contreras-Byrd, Maureen Gerald, Beryl Jantzi, and Richard Joyner.
  • Children’s Ministry Resource – We recently introduced the first of a 12-part series highlighting children’s time during worship at Nassau Presbyterian Church. The first story is for Advent 1, and the storyteller is Carol Wehrheim, who also writes an article detailing the rationale behind the practice. Other storytellers include Corrie Berg and Joyce MacKichan Walker. New stories will be added every two weeks over the next three months. Folks can subscribe to get emails from our digital resource hub The Thread. Resources will include the children’s sermons and other articles, videos, sermons, and a new podcast The Distillery.

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