Presbyterian congregations to be celebrated for Hunger work


For nearly 50 years, the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) has worked with Presbyterians and global partners towards the common goal of ending hunger and poverty. Now, through a new initiative, the PHP wants to acknowledge and celebrate the faithful work of Presbyterians happening in our congregations and to encourage congregational hunger ministries to be even more holistic and justice-oriented. To do that, the PHP wants to hear from congregations that are doing at least one of the following six activities:​

  • Hunger Alleviation — providing or sharing food while looking for long-term structural solutions
  • Development Assistance — addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty through sustainable development
  • Hunger Education — learning about systemic causes of hunger and working directly with those involved
  • Lifestyle Integrity — adopting sustainable personal and corporate lifestyles to restore justice and protect God’s creation
  • Corporate and Public Policy Witness — advocating and campaigning for changes in policies and practices to end hunger
  • Worship — incorporate prayer, education and preaching about ending hunger and its causes.

​Here’s how you can become a Hunger Action Congregation:

  1. Form a Hunger Action Team made up of children, youth, and adults who are passionate about addressing hunger, poverty, and related injustices.  and then .
  2. Covenant to become a Hunger Action Congregation. Review the Covenant and check the activities you are currently doing. When you’re ready, fill it out onlineSeptember 15 is the annual deadline so that Hunger Action Congregations can be announced in time for World Food Day on October 16 – but covenants can be submitted anytime.

When you submit your information, your congregation will be recognized as a Covenanting Hunger Action Congregation for three years, and the PHP will communicate with you periodically with updates, opportunities, and stories from other congregations to encourage you to increase or broaden your hunger ministries.

If you are doing activities in all six areas, you will be certified for three years as a Certified Hunger Action Congregation ​and will receive a certificate to host in your church.

Need help? Contact Rev. Phyllis Zoon, Hunger Action Advocate.



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