Food Justice Network – Part 1 available now


foodjusticeWe are in the process of building a Food Justice Network in our presbytery. The network will:

  • connect hunger/food justice ministries of Monmouth Presbytery congregations with each other and with partner organizations at the local, state, and national level;
  • facilitate sharing of information and best practices;
  • provide mutual support and opportunities for learning from each other;
  • inspire each other;

Our Food Justice Network will include Presbyterian congregations in Monmouth Presbytery and their partners (including other congregations and other hunger/poverty organizations that work together to provide services) as well as state and national organizations such as the Presbyterian Hunger Program and the Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey.

babystepsWe are beginning with a baby-step, which is to put the Hunger Ministry Survey info online. We collected that information in August 2016 and put it in a Word document that you may access here.

  • This document is the first phase of creating our Food Justice Network in Monmouth Presbytery. Although it’s “bare bones,” it’s a start and we do plan on having the info in a much more accessible format later in 2017.
  • For each congregation that responded to the Hunger Survey in 2016, the info they submitted is there. If your congregation didn’t respond to the survey, you can still do so—click here to go to the survey.
  • If you would like to update the information for your own congregation, please get in touch with Phyllis Zoon by email or phone (201) 910-7047.

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