Working Groups for our Future


In 2016 the presbytery is establishing three new working groups that will address our future as a Church and as a presbytery …

faithful endingsFaithful Endings

We all know that in order for there to be resurrection, we need to die.  We don’t like to think about it, but every congregation faces the same life cycle that individuals face.  This working group will educate and equip the presbytery in pastoral issues of closing congregations so that it can work with congregations that are facing the end of their life.  Together they will envision faithful options for the future as well as guide the process of mourning in order to welcome new life.

Renewing CongregationsRenewing Congregations

The culture is changing, becoming less “churched.”  This working group will work with the presbytery as a whole and the congregations as we become more engaged with our communities, and the changing culture.  It will encourage and help equip our existing congregations to become the vital and robust faith communities God intends them to be.  Whether it’s engaging outside programs or developing our own initiatives, this working group will be the catalyst for faithful moves into a hopeful future.

New CommunitiesNew Communities

The Church of the future will come in many different forms.  This working group will imagine new possibilities working with both existing congregations and visionaries in doing church in new and exciting ways.  It will work with the 1001 New Worshipping Communities initiative of the PC(USA) as well as other new church and new ministry, opportunities.  By not focusing on property and program, our new mission communities will be about doing Kingdom work and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Each of the Keep it 100 Working Groups have a different focus, but they work together for the renewing of the body of Christ in the Presbytery of Monmouth.  



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