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Flemington Presbyterian Church

Transitional Pastor Position Description

FPC is seeking a thoughtful, seasoned, energetic Transitional Pastor with leadership experience in a medium sized church to lead us into the service of our Lord as we strive to grow in faith and seek greater realization of our gifts. The pastor should possess a strong faith and deep commitment to the Reformed tradition and the PCUSA. In addition, we are seeking a pastor open to working with us to find and support the surprising places where God is at work in the world.

We are seeking a charismatic leader who can inspire, energize, motivate and lead a congregation through a transformation.  FPC is at a crossroads with a fragmented congregation needing to heal and develop a vision on how to move forward to help the church thrive. The ideal candidate will assist us in our transition forward finding a permanent pastor.

We value experience in a collegial multi-staff environment, potentially supervising an Associate Pastor, CE Coordinator, Administrative and Music staff in a healthy, well functioning way. The person should be able to balance the day-to-day details of the position with a broad, long-term vision of our mission and purpose. The pastor should be a strong, principled voice for the church within the Presbytery and within the greater Flemington community.


To provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care, operational management and direction to the congregation of the Flemington Presbyterian Church through a period of pastoral transition with a focus on healing, reconciliation and nurturing the spiritual health and growth of the congregation.

We seek a pastor who brings:

  • Experience in leading transition and addressing system repair issues within a staff and congregation
  • Ability to set boundaries with others and hold them accountable for faithful practices
  • Ability to resolve conflict in a healthy way
  • Ability to help the congregation develop and articulate a vision
  • Dynamic preaching skills that challenge, inspire and comfort
  • Experience working with a medium to large size church
  • Truly partnering and collaborative leadership style
  • Strong communication skills and organizational skills

The Transitional Pastor will be responsible for three key areas:


  • Assess work to be done with a fragmented, distrusting, withholding congregation
  • Develop/implement faithful means of listening and communication to help work through reconciliation

Transitional/System Repair and Congregational Development:

  • Review FPC history of Pastoral leadership, hirings, dynamics, etc. to understand leadership issues for consideration in hiring for permanent HoS position 2017
  • Assess session and congregational leadership role in past hirings; ID work to be done by session in creating a healthy, functioning leadership teaml
  • Participate in development of a mission and vision
  • Align and support staff in professional growth and development
  • Assess current staffing model and assist with hiring/evaluating non-pastoral staff 

Core Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Lead regular Sunday worship with preaching, celebration of sacraments, and (occasionally) children’s time
  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and special worship services
  • Supervise staff, moderate session, and participate in Presbytery
  • With Deacons, coordinate and provide pastoral care to congregation, visitation of sick and homebound
  • With Session, provide support for new member outreach, congregational fellowship, stewardship and commitment programs

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