Part-Time Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Pitman


Job Description for Temporary Part-time Pastor

First Presbyterian Church in Pitman

The First Presbyterian Church in Pitman, NJ seeks a part-time pastor starting as soon as possible.  Given the fact that the Mission Study report has already been completed and approved by West Jersey Presbytery and that the congregation has been trained and is willing to fulfill the ministry of pastoral care, this position provides for three days per week of active ministry for the successful applicant.  The specific ministries are:

  • To prepare and deliver the weekly liturgy and sermon for the single unified worship service at 10:00 am every Sunday morning.
  • To moderate the Session, which meets on the first Monday evening of every month at 7:00 pm.
  • To oversee the activities of the Stephen Ministers, Pastoral Visitation Team and Home Communion Team.
  • To arrange the above activities so that the Temporary Pastor is on-site at the church on Sunday and one additional day of his/her choosing during the week. The third day of active ministry may be on-site or off-site, engaged in sermon preparation, administrative duties, etc.
  • To preside at weddings and funerals according to the policies of the church and to receive separate and additional remuneration for these services.

Proposed terms of contract:

(These figures are the total for a 6-month term.  Additional salary will be negotiated upon further service.)

  • Minimum Effective Salary = $14,854.00
  • Mileage reimbursement = $750.00
  • Continuing Education = $375
  • Member Only Pension Dues = $5,968.50
  • Member + Family Pension Dues = $6,283.50

TOTAL PACKAGE                                 = $21,947.50 (Member only)

OR                                           = $22,262.50 (Member+Family)



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