Full-Time Interim Pastoral Position, Willingboro


The Presbyterian Church of Willingboro

Job Description – Interim Pastor (Full Time)

The Presbyterian Church of Willingboro, located in Willingboro, NJ, is seeking a full time Interim Pastor as our pastor of 18 years is retiring.  The Presbyterian Church of Willingboro is a culturally diverse (Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American and African), Christ-centered congregation whose foundation is built upon love for each other and the teachings of Christ.  The mission of the Presbyterian Church is to worship God through the risen Christ in a spirit of love, joy and fellowship, to celebrate the differences among God’s people, and to draw others to Christ.  Following the teachings of Christ, it is also our mission to teach the Good News, and to demonstrate God’s love to those who are ill, troubled and in need, within our congregation, in surrounding communities and in the world at large.  We celebrate God’s love through spirituality, laughter and Christian music.  The Presbyterian Church of Willingboro is pursuing growth in membership with emphasis on youth and families.

The Presbyterian Church of Willingboro has two active and coordinating boards – Session and Board of Deacons.  Session also maintains multiple committees.  The Interim Pastor performs as the moderator of the Session and as an advisor to the Board of Deacons.  Additionally, the Interim Pastor will be available to advise the committees reporting to Session.

The Presbyterian Church of Willingboro Interim Pastor is responsible for providing worship leadership, helping the congregation negotiate the transition from the previous pastor, and supporting the congregation as we identify priorities as well as goals for future growth.  Additionally, the Interim Pastor is responsible for pastoral care duties, supervising and coordinating staff, and church leadership, as well as some administrative and transitional duties exploring the 5 development tasks.  Specific duties include (but are not limited to) the following:

Worship Leadership

  • Develop and lead worship services as scheduled by Session
  • Deliver sermons that are thought-provoking and inspirational
  • Administer the sacrament of communion monthly as scheduled
  • Perform baptisms, funerals and weddings of church members as requested
  • Lead adult membership classes as required
  • Include all generations in the Worship service
  • Participate in Wednesday afternoon prayer/discussion group
  • Lead Friday evening Bible study

Pastoral Care

  • Perform quarterly communion to those members that are homebound and ill.
  • Perform illness related visitation to those who are hospitalized, homebound, and in nursing or rehabilitation facilities
  • Provide pastoral services to members as requested

Please send PIF’s to Rev. Deborah Brincivalli at revdeb@wjpres.net by January 18th. Thank you



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