Cents-Ability awards $5,300 to EcoLogic Development Fund in Guatemala


Each year in December, the Cents-Ability Grants Committee meets to decide where to send the 60% of Cents-Ability funds set aside for projects outside the bounds of Monmouth Presbytery. The Committee chooses from projects that the Presbyterian Hunger Program is looking to fund.

For 2015, the committee chose to send the entire amount available, $5,300, to the EcoLogic Development Fund for a project that is building capacity for improved food production and resource management for Maya communities in Sarstun.

In 2016, EcoLogic will directly enhance the food and resource security of at least 125 local families from 12 communities within the Sarstun River Multiple Use Area in Guatemala. This will be accomplished through the communities’ adoption of fuel-efficient cookstoves and food-secure agricultural methods, which reduce the human impact on critical natural resources. This year’s project will focus on:

  • increasing the number of families with fuel-efficient cookstoves; and
  • the launch of a new project initiative to train local women about the cultivation of home vegetable gardens.

To achieve this, they will train community leaders as “promoters” or extension workers, to train their peers and encourage the adoption of agroforestry and backyard gardens.

The project exists to offer solutions that bolster communities’ livelihoods, while also addressing widespread unsustainable land use practices attributable to poverty, education gaps, and limited land ownership.

Want to learn more about Cents-Ability and how your congregation can participate? Contact Rev. Phyllis Zoon, Hunger Action Enabler. Phone 201-910-7047, email phylliszoon@icloud.com



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