Temporary/Interim Opportunity, Elizabeth Presbytery


bannersix_fCalvin Presbyterian Church is a small church located in Linden, N.J.  It is a mission/Bible teaching based church which places its influence on God’s call of His people to serve others in community, outreach and worldwide programs. The church was founded by European /Slovak immigrants who came to America settling in the Linden area known today as Linden/Tremley Point in 1934.  Several founding members and relatives of the founding members are still active in the church.  Calvin continues a Slovak speaking service monthly and has the scripture read in Slovak each Sunday by a Slovak speaking member with one hymn of the service dedicated to be sung in both languages.

The Session is seeking a Temporary/Interim pastor who will work through the interim tasks with the congregation, including a Mission Review process that helps the church clarify a sense of mission and identify implications for future pastoral leadership.  The 20 a week position includes the following responsibilities:

Worship planning and leadership, including preparation and supply of bulletin, including monthly communion, baptism as authorized by session, special community ecumenical services, World Day    of Prayer; Funerals and Weddings; Present at pageant rehearsals and participate in pageant presentation during Sunday Worship; Special holy day worship:    Christmas Eve,  Christmas Day,  New Year’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Ascension Thursday

Limited congregational visitation, focused on illness, death, personal issues, weddings, etc.,

The Session will provide other associated functions, such as preparation of sacraments, music supply, bible study supply, etc.

The Temporary Pastor will serve as Moderator of the Session, providing office hours by appointment, as needed.  The Temporary Pastor Search Committee is seeking candidates who are “called to be in    Christ, as much as the members of the congregation are called to be in Christ.”   Interested applicants may send a PIF to John Arrowood, chair of the Temporary Pastor Search Committee,   John.T.Arrowood@p66.com  with a copy sent to Cheryl Galan, Transitional Leader of Elizabeth Presbytery, cgalan@elizabethpresbytery.org






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