Watchung Avenue Presbyterian and Trinity United Churches 


  1. Collaborative style of leadership that is open, supportive, and willing to share insights and experiences.
  2. Progressive and flexible theology.
  3. Able to bring humor, playfulness and a light-hearted approach.
  4. Creative, innovative and able to lead change effectively.
  5. Interim/Transitional Ministry Training


  1. Mission Statement:
  2. Watchung Ave. – Building on “New Beginnings,” craft a new mission statement that is relevant and attainable.
  3. Trinity – Seek a new vision for the future, by revising or refreshing the mission statement.
  4. Become more interactive with our neighbors and be accepted as a “Sanctuary” for all faith based activities and services.
  5. Recognize the generational, cultural and demographic gaps in our memberships and explore ways to be more inclusive. Create opportunities to reflect and connect with our communities.
  6. Become a poster child church for connectedness through technology.
  7. Make strategic investments of people and money in light of the priorities listed above.
  8. Develop and expand our ministries in which we can all take part, work together and have enjoyable times being together. Inspire everyone to move forward, take discipleship training and reach out to neighbors.
  9. Continue the education for the leadership role of the governing bodies and the responsibilities of membership.
  10. Structure and Leadership:
  11. Watchung Ave. – Support and guide the church’s change from the hierarchal model of pastor as leader to leader who empowers the session to lead the church.
  12. Trinity – For the sake of pursuing mission more effectively, assess and modify the church’s organizational structure.
  13. Guide the congregations in examining their history and clarifying their identity.
  14. Identify the congregations’ relational patterns and assess how they impact congregational life and mission.


  1. Facilitate, encourage and support changes to ensure future success and to help learn new ways to work through patterns that have been a source of conflict.
  2. Preside over Sunday Worship Services, administer the sacraments and deliver timely and inspirational sermons to the congregation in coordination with pulpit supply preachers.
  3. Moderate twice monthly session meetings (Watchung Ave.) and once monthly covenant board meetings (Trinity).
  4. Work with the governing bodies to enhance leadership skills and cultivate environments for continuous spiritual growth.
  5. Provide Pastoral support for those who experience crisis and support members’ care for one another.
  6. Lead the congregations and create a path to enhance their spiritual journeys.
  7. Provide Wedding and Funeral services when requested.
  8. Prepare adults for membership.
  9. Work with the governing bodies and memberships to craft mission statements reflective of our goals.
  10. Advocate and/or represent the congregations to their communities.
  11. Advocate for the use of new technology as both churches learn to “digitally connect” to the next generation of parishioners.

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