Presbytery Meeting Highlights, Lakehurst 6-23-15

Mission Council:

*Mission Council has accepted the resignation of Patty Williams, the Presbytery’s Christian Education Consultant, effective September 1, 2015, with gratitude for her long and faithful service.

*In order to provide a more flexible schedule for presbyters and the groups presenting at Stated Meetings, the Mission Council recommends the following meeting schedule for Fall 2015 and beyond:

  1. There will be four Presbytery meetings per year, September, November, February and May.
  2. The September and February meetings will occur on the fourth Tuesday of the month and will be scheduled to convene at 4:00 PM and run through dinner hour until 8:30 or 9:00 PM.  Dinner hour will allow the Presbyters to break bread together and for social interactions and would last approximately an hour.  Any major business or business of a contentious nature would be held until after the dinner time.  This will allow those with late work schedules to attend the discussions. The earlier adjournment time should appeal to all.
  3. The November and May meetings will be Saturday meetings, scheduled from 9:00 AM until approximately 2:00 PM.  The November meeting will be scheduled for the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving.  The May meeting will be on the third Saturday of the month.

The proposed schedule for 2015-2016 is as follows:  September 22-Susan Sparks on Creative Storytelling and Humor in worship, if the way be clear – at Westminster, Middletown; November 21 –Mission Fair at Jamesburg; February 23, 2016 – invitation extended to either the GA Moderator or Vice Moderator to address the Presbytery; May 21, 2016 – Stewardship planning and lessons.  September 27, 2016 and November 19, 2016 – to be arranged

A Celebration of Christian Educator, Patty Williams 

The Rev. Doug Chase, along with members of the Personnel Committee and the Education Working Group, led the Presbytery in celebration of the many contributions to the Presbytery of retiring Christian Education Consultant Patty Williams.

Nominating Committee- New Slate of Officers:

Rev. Cynthia Ritter-Parker reported on the Nominating Committee.

Moderator: Ruling Elder Bill Faust, Red Bank

Vice-Moderator: the Rev. Gary Filson, Jamesburg

Bills & Overtures Committee

Ruling Elder Sue Smith, Rumson, Class of 2018, 1st term

Committee on Ministry

The Rev. Christina Hindley , Lakehurst, Class of 2018, 2nd term

The Rev. Douglas Hughes, Old Tennent, Class of 2018, 1st term

Ruling Elder Thad Livingston, Jacksonville, Class of 2018, 1st term – Committee Chair

Ruling Elder Ray Carroll, Atlantic Highlands, Class of 2018, 1st term

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Ruling Elder Dwayne Bailey, Allentown, Class of 2018, 2nd term

The Rev. Byron Shafer, Honorably Retired, Class of 2018, 1st term

Ruling Elder Constance Wright, Allentown, Class of 2018, 1st term

Mission Council

The Rev. Stephen Heinzel-Nelson, Allentown, Class of 2018, 1st term

The Rev. Cynthia Parker, Englishtown, Class of 2017, 2nd term

Ruling Elder Charlotte Alderfer, Toms River, Class of 2018, 1st term

The Rev. Dana Eglinton, Jacksonville, Class of 2018, 1st term

Permanent Judicial Commission

Ruling Elder Hillary Bryce, Lakewood Hope, Class of 2021

Ruling Elder Sue Ralph, Englishtown, Class of 2021

Ruling Elder Noel Tonneman, Red Bank, Class of 2021

Personnel Committee

Ruling Elder David Hinton, Red Bank, Class of 2018, 2nd term

The Rev. Jean Pinto, Yardville, Class of 2018, 1st term


The Rev. Scott Cupp, Matawan, Class of 2018, 2nd term

The Rev. Theresa Swenson, Red Bank, Class of 2018, 1st term

Stated Clerk (3 year term)

The Rev. Carl Wilton, Point Pleasant

Treasurer (3 year term)

Ruling Elder Nancy Tindall, Allentown

Installation of Moderator and Vice-Moderator 

The Rev Jean Pinto led the Presbytery in a service of installation of Ruling Elder William Faust as Moderator and the Rev. Gary Filson as Vice-Moderator


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