Grace Presbyterian Church of South Brunswick In Need of Part-time Music Director


Role Profile for Part Time Music Director

Grace Presbyterian Church 

The ideal candidate for the position of part-time Music Director  at GPC cultivates the musical gifts of others while leading the congregation in varying styles of worship.

Typical hours include:

Sunday            9-11am (first Sunday of the month, 9am-12noon)

Thursday         7:30pm-9pm

Preparation and Administration as needed


  • $10K-$15K depending on experience
  • Position subject to an annual review
  • Two Sundays vacation (not to be taken during Easter, Pentecost or Christmas) 


Our small choir of 8-10 people have a wide variety of musical experience. Some have sung in choirs most of their lives; some do not read music but love to sing. Our church choir performs twice/month on average. They sing for major holiday services as well. Duets, trios or other ensembles are encouraged.


We value the inclusion of everyone’s gifts at our church. Our music director rallies, rehearses and encourages these musical gifts in our congregation. Currently, people in our congregation play:  guitar, drums, violin, flute, trumpet, bass guitar, mandolin as well as other pianists. The Music Director will seek to include these instrumentalists in worship twice/month on average.

Leadership and Communication:

The Music Director will work closely with the Pastor selecting weekly congregational music from our hymnal and other appropriate resources. The Music Director will meet monthly with the Worship Team to plan overall themes of worship services and seasons as well as manage the budget for new music. Spiritually, the Music Director will be a source of encouragement to the musicians in our congregation and will be called upon to pray at meetings and other appropriate occasions.  With any director position comes the need to communicate. Through direct emails, bi-weekly newsletters and weekly bulletins, our Music Director engages with the congregation.

Technical Skills:

We are looking for someone proficient in keyboard but instrumentally versatile. Our Music Director needs to have a knowledge of vocal and choral technique. In addition, he/she needs the ability to choose appropriate repetoire for vocal and instrumental music.

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