Elizabeth Presbytery Stated Clerk Position

  • Elizabeth Presbytery Stated Clerk Position

    As Elizabeth Presbytery moves from ‘regulatory’ to ‘relational,’ we’re looking for a Stated Clerk who will bring creativity and flexibility to the implementation of our polity.  As we re-purpose the presbytery to strengthen congregational mission, we want governance that’s life-giving.   As we experiment and learn, imagine and innovate in order to cultivate healthy congregations focused on discipleship and mission, we seek a Stated Clerk who will help us discern how our policies and processes may serve this mission, in addition to keeping our records in order.  At a time of high anxiety and conflict in congregations, mid councils and throughout the PCUSA, we seek someone whose passion for people as well as polity builds relationships of support, accountability and trust, in service to our witness to Jesus Christ.   For the full position follow this link: Stated Clerk Position Description

     Teaching or Ruling Elders who are interested in being considered for the position, please send PIF or Resume with references to Karenchamis@hotmail.com   Application deadline is May 8, 2015.

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