Needed: Care Counselors


As we all know recovering from a natural disaster such as Super Storm Sandy can mean more than just rebuilding a home.  As the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group Disaster Case Managers are reaching out to assist our community members with their un-met needs, it is evident some of these individuals have un-met emotional and spiritual needs as well.

As the Emotional and Spiritual Committee Co-Chair, I would like to aks the members of our Ocean County community to help in this effort by volunteering to accompany a Disaster Recovery Case Manager on visits.  You can volunteer as little as 2 hours per month.

All who are interested in becoming Care Counselors please contact Pat Greeley of MHA who is coordinating this effort at or 908-872-5096.

As a community which works closely at times with so many who were impacted by Super Storm Sandy, please consider volunteering a couple hours a month and support the OCLTRG Disaster Case Managers and those in need.

Thank you,

Susan Calavano
Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group
Emotional & Spiritual Committee, Co-Chair


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