“‘Stronger than the storm’ doesn’t apply to all folks…”


photo by Pat Johnson, Sandpiper.net                    

  In July, the Rev. Merideth Mueller of the First Presbyterian Church of Tuckerton wrote a letter to Gov. Chris Christie telling him of the plight of area Sandy victims, many of whom are retired and without flood insurance and still struggling to recover. She asked him to come to the area and see for himself. In her letter she detailed two instances of people she knew of, one still living in a mold-infested house and another family using camping equipment to keep warm. She told him of the efforts of her church to bring hope to the people by providing free lunches and sympathetic attention. She ended her letter by asking, “Gov. Christie, please accept our invitation to come to Tuckerton. Perhaps you would care to distribute lunches with us in the affected neighborhoods? More importantly, we need your personal attention to bring resources, leadership and a visionary plan to ensure that the most vulnerable of our community are not overlooked.”

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