Session Annual Statistical Report and Questionnaire for 2012


It’s that time of year – time to begin work on the Session Annual Statistical Report and the Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire for 2012.

These are two separate items. The Annual Statistical Report is numerical: membership and financial figures. The Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire is like a multiple-choice exam that also requires some brief verbal responses.

You can find a downloadable pdf version of the instructions for completing the online Session Annual Statistical Report here:

Here is where you go to complete the Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire online:

You may find it convenient to print out a pdf version of the Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire, and distribute various sections of it to your church’s pastor, treasurer or other individuals who may be able to supply you with answers to the questions. You’ll find a downloadable pdf version of the Questionnaire at this link:

As you plan your personal schedule for completing this task, please bear in mind that the due date for submitting both these reports is:

                                              Wednesday, February 20, 2013

 After that date, the online data-entry system portal will no longer be active. If you miss the deadline, please contact me in the Presbytery Office to work out arrangements to  send in a late report.



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