Letter from Colleen Earp, Young Adult Volunteer


Colleen Earp recently began her service as a PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer in New Orleans where she is serving the Presbytery of South Louisiana and the Presbyterian Church of Bayou Blue through an environmental research program at the University of New Orleans. Read more about Colleen. Mission Working Group awarded $1500 in Peacemaking Funds to support her ministry. Read Colleen’s blog.

Following is a note from Colleen:

Dear Friends,

Many, many thanks for your support! I have arrived to New Orleans after a week of orientation at Stony Point. I am so excited to start my work with the incredible wetlands down here, partnering with several wonderful groups in doing so: University of New Orleans, Presbyterian Church of Bayou Blue, Natural Resources Conservation Service, First People’s Conservation Council, Wetlands Theological Education Project. It is just awesome to have my vocation and my faith intersect so beautifully. I couldn’t do this without your support, your love and your prayers. The Peacemaking grant was also a huge help, and greatly appreciated. I will do my best to honor my home Presbytery and to be a good steward of this great gift!

Hope all is well in N.J. I will be praying for your ministries and missing home. Can’t wait to update you on my work here. Take care, friends, and many thanks again!




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