Enough for Everyone


Enough for Everyone is a ministry of the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) working with congregations and partners around the globe to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.

Enough for Everyone is a lifestyle integrity and education program. It focuses on the big picture of our economic lives and asks not only what our dollars do in the offering plate, but what our dollars do in the marketplace. In a society obsessed with consuming, Enough for Everyone helps Presbyterians engage the life of faith by making lifestyle changes and asking questions such as: How much is enough? Does my coffee provide good wages to small farmers, or does it enrich CEOs at the expense of the producers? Are our Palm Sunday palms damaging God’s Creation? Is my savings account supporting development for people in need, or fueling human rights abuses? Were our youth group t-shirts printed in a sweatshop?

Enough for Everyone asks these questions through educational materials like the Just Living series and through direct outreach with congregations via lifestyle awareness and simple living programs like thePresbyterian Coffee Project and Global Marketplace. In these ways Presbyterians can access responsibly produced alternatives that are themselves efforts to alleviate hunger and poverty. Enough for Everyone also raises money for development assistance and capacity building through the Small Farmer Fund and by promoting investments in Oikocredit.

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Enough for Everyone initiatives include:

  • Presbyterian Coffee Project—Fair Trade for your church: coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, snacks and more.
  • Sweat-Free Ts—T-shirts made in a sewing cooperative for your youth group, mission trip or event.
  • Eco-Palms—Palm branches for Palm Sunday are sustainably harvested and ensure fair wages.
  • Global Marketplace—Your one-stop shop for Fair Trade items from producer groups related to the PC(USA)
  • Just Living series—Ideas and discussion starters for just living.
  • Investing in Hope—Invest church or personal funds in micro-finance projects that alleviate poverty.
  • Fair Trade—Check out all things Fair Trade in the PC(USA)
  • Delegations—Learn about Enough for Everyone delegations abroad.

Enough for Everyone is a ministry of the Presbyterian Hunger Program, supported by the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. PHP is thankful for the continued generosity of Presbyterians that enables us – together – to witness the healing love of Christ. Learn how your congregation can support OGHS, or give today.



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