Call to mission partnership addressing 3 critical global issues


In October 2012, I was one of more than 200 invited grassroots and national mission leaders from across the PC(USA), as well as global and ecumenical partners, for the Dallas II global mission consultation.

Presbyterians who would not typically sit together because of differences in theology or social justice issues bonded together and strongly affirmed that Presbyterian mission work should be centered on three critical global issues: poverty alleviation, evangelism, and reconciliation.

Presbyterian World Mission invites you to join in addressing these critical global issues.


As part of World Mission’s call to address international evangelism around the world, individuals and congregations are invited to consider engaging more deeply in the work of international evangelism, i.e., sharing the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

In carrying out this goal, Presbyterian World Mission will help train pastors around the globe in practical, everyday skills (healthcare, literacy, agriculture) that will help them address critical needs in their communities and help provide a living for them and their families, should they find they are not able to live on a church salary.

Two examples of ways to help train pastors for community transformation may be of special interest in our presbytery:

  • The first is to partner with our mission co-workers Bob and Kristi Rice’s work with the Presbyterian Community of Congo, where they witness to the good news of Jesus Christ through a holistic ministry alongside more than 700 parishes in their region. First Presbyterian in Tuckerton is connected with Bob and Kristi.
  • Another is the opportunity to join a mission network in the U.S. that works on addressing this issue. One of these is the Congo network, and several congregations already have a connection with a mission worker in the DCR.

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The elimination of poverty is the greatest challenge facing the world today and a prerequisite for sustainable global development.

Recognizing the scope of the challenge, the focus will be on causes that particularly impact women and children. The initial poverty alleviation campaign of the World Mission community of mission practice will emphasize access to quality education. Specifically, the goal of the World Mission Poverty Campaign will be “quality education for 100,001 children by the year 2020.”

10 ways to impact education quality include:

  • Hosting education programs in your church.
  • Engaging with advocacy efforts of PC(USA) World Mission Networks and offices who are encouraging governments to transparently disclose revenues from natural resources and urge them to dedicate a significant share of those revenues to finance primary education.

Read more about this critical global initiative and find 10 ways to impact education quality.

Reconciliation: end violence against women and children

As part of its call to address violence around the world, Presbyterian World Mission invites individuals and congregations to consider engaging more deeply in God’s work of reconciliation in cultures of violence, including our own.

Violence against women and children is one of the largest, most universal problems today. We can be effective in working against violence and towards reconciliation.

Of the 10 ways to end violence against women and children, one is already close to home: participate in Orange Days, a monthly day of witness and action to end violence against women and girls. We can look to our own PW Moderator, Lori Evans, who has been so active in this campaign.

Dallas II planted seeds for a new movement of mission Christians who want to rise up—together—for the good of God’s creation. Please pray for the work that is already being done and pray that you might step into the exciting circle of global discipleship and find new ways to be the church that Christ intended.


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