Call to Action: Cents-Ability


Hunger statistics can be mind-numbing . . . 925 million people (1 in 7) worldwide . . . 13% of the population in the U.S. including 1 in 4 children . . . 10% of NJ households. See more global and U.S. hunger statistics.

And God calls us to do something about it – but what can we do to make a difference? Here in Monmouth Presbytery, 17 congregations together with Presbyterian Women and individuals have raised more than $60,000 and given $55,800 to hunger ministries as close as our doorsteps and as far away as Cameroon. (A grants committee made up of representatives from participating congregations decides where the money should go.)

Here’s how it works: Cents-Ability emphasizes daily participation by each member of the household. The idea is to build a consciousness among participants that all of us are responsible for helping to end hunger and that Cents-Ability will become part of our daily walk with God. It doesn’t take away from other mission but works best when a lot of people give very small amounts of money. Asking members of all ages to contribute a few cents at every meal may not look like very much, but do the math: In a 100 member congregation, if every member gave 2 cents at every meal . . . In one year they’d have $2,190.

and this is our call to action: we dream of 100% participation in our presbytery! If every member in our presbytery gave just 1 penny per meal for a year, we’d have $125,000. Would you like to learn more about beginning (or re-energizing) a program in your congregation? Download the Cents-Ability movie/PowerPoint and soundtrack, send an email to [email protected], or call our Hunger Action Enabler, Rev. Phyllis Zoon at the presbytery.


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