New Brunswick Presbytery Worship Study Group Announcement


Worship is the heart and pulse of the Christian Church. Worship on the Lord’s Day is the weekly congregating for all Christians. It is in worship that we are edified by focusing on the Bible. In worship we celebrate God’s gracious gifts and are strengthened to live in mission, in response to God’s grace.

A lot has been happening in the development of Presbyterian worship in the last few decades. This is an invitation to members of this presbytery to a discussion group that focuses on our worship, and what is happening in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in this most important work of every congregation.

If you are interested in participating in such a discussion group, please get in touch with me by an email note or by phone. We will try to find a time that is convenient for us, and then we will begin with the study-report, Invitation to Christ, Font and Table: A Guide to Sacramental Practices. The 2003 General Assembly appointed a Sacraments Study Group. That group of fifteen persons met for three years and the 2006 GA authorized the publication of their conclusions. These were submitted to the presbyteries and congregations of the PCUSA as Invitation to Christ. Also, the forthcoming new hymnal-worshipbook, Glory to God, will be published in 2013. I have been involved as a consultant for the worship portions that will appear in that book, and can share with you some of the possible decisions that are being considered.
If you would like more information on Invitation to Christ, you will find a number of sites on the PCUSA web site, such as and

The Rev. Arlo D. Duba, Ph.D.

Professor of Worship Emeritus

and Former Seminary Dean


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