Kids4Being Heard — for real!


The website for older elementary kids, Kids4Kids, is a place where older kids can play games, read mission stories and do activities a to learn how they themselves and other kids can be healthy, safe, have a chance to do the things all kids should do (like play and go to school), and have their voices heard and opinions considered. Now for the first time, the site is truly interactive. A new message board, “Says Who? Says U!” , gives children a safe place to make comments , ask questions, and tell what they are doing. For parents and leaders concerned about Internet safety, any messages children send go first to a dedicated e-mail address where they are read and monitored by an adult. Before posting, we make sure that no last names or identifying information is included, and of course any inappropriate comments are deleted. Look for the energetic rabbit in the lower left-hand sid.

And speaking of Kids4Kids, a new curriculum for older elementary children, God’s Creation, Our Health: Taking Action Together is now available. Learn more and download a copy.


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